01 August 2010

Now, Where Was I?

I'm gonna try to get back into regular blogging; though Twitter may get your poop-related thoughts disseminated to a wider audience, some things are best if they are just e-whispered (or is that "i-whispered?"). I mean, who reads personal blogs anymore? This is still a good forum if I want to rant most impolitic without having to explain myself to old Aunt Mabel who just wants to see cute pictures of my kids on Facebook*. Put another way, I just need to get shit off my chest**.

I feel better already.

*Ain't no fucking Farmville or FourSquare here either, so there's that.

**Man, I miss being able to swear as much as I want, the kids are starting to pick up on the fact that it's not a good thing, which means they are pushing those envelopes.

PS Fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck

30 December 2008

All I want for Christmas

is for the city to pick up my goddamn garbage.

24 November 2008

Not to too my own horn, but

Me and J2 sure make some cute babies...toot toot!

04 November 2008

Yes, we did.

My youngest son is sleeping peacefully (for now) next to me, my other son is in his room, tears are in my eyes as I watch Barack Obama give his victory speech. I'm not too vocal with my opinions and passions, but I've been closely watching for the last 8 years as I felt that the country I thought I knew was quickly becoming something I did not recognize, much less love. But maybe now that feeling will be replaced by the hope and faith that we will again become that country my own parents saw way back when, as they left the country of their birth in search of better opportunities for their kids. It's strange to think that all Rocco and Maceo will know is that the President can just as easily be black as s/he can be white (or Flip?).

I'm happy I was able to witness this moment, I'm glad my family will experience this. I'm not oblivious to the fact that times ahead will be hard, but now I feel like celebrating, just a little bit. Maybe this is how the rebels felt at the end of Return of the Jedi, as the remnants of the Death Star rained down like fireworks.

Speaking of, when the networks called the race for Obama, I could hear fireworks going off nearby.


Tuba man is dead.

Rest in peace, your music was always appreciated, win or lose.

30 October 2008

29 October 2008

Please, Please, Please...

Do NOT muddy up your bowl of pho by dumping a bunch of hoisin into the broth...it just overpowers the whole thing and disrupts the delicate balance of herbs and spices. Sriracha is fine, but if you must insist, take an extra spoon and put your hoisin there, for dipping your meat. I like to mix it with some lime juice for an extra kick.

Heard on NPR

Rosa sat
So Martin could walk

Martin walked
So Barack could run

Barack ran
So our children can fly

27 October 2008

How about some good wholesome fun?

Saturday was spectacular outside, so we packed up the kids and headed out to Carleton Farm for some pumpkin patch fun. When did the pumpkin patch become such a big carnival? There were hay rides, a corn maze, goats, a pumpkin howitzer, and lord knows what else. Roc definitely enjoyed himself, so this looks to be an annual event.

Note: the old 20D just got some new kit, just acquired a 50mm/f1.8 at Glazer's (ask J2 for the story behind that), and shot these photos. It was really bright, and it was midday, so some of the photos are a little overexposed, but I like how the pictures turned out otherwise. Will post the rest to Flickr when I get a chance.

24 October 2008

Endorsements 2008


Tortas. Next time you're at the taco truck, don't overlook the torta, often overshadowed by its more popular cousins, the burrito and taco. For the unitiated, a torta is basically the Mexican hamburger, a round bun filled with some kind of meat topped by lettuce and tomato. Simple, but wholly satisfying when done right. Most times the meat is basically the usual taco/burrito fillings on a bun,* but one local place called Barriga Llena ("full belly") elevates it into a gut busting pleasure-bomb. Fillings include the Milanesa - basically a pork cutlet breaded and fried, house-cured chorizo, carne asada, hot dogs (unnecessary but included to complete the picture), roast pork, and combinations thereof. One of these will keep you happy for hours. Love 'em.

Banh Mi. One of these, on the other hand, can leave you hungry. Fortunately, they're hella cheap (Never pay more than $2 for one, by the way), and very good. I always buy them in multiples, and it's still cheaper than the #1 meal at McD's. My fave is the BBQ pork banh mi from Seattle Deli.

Philly Cheesesteak. The bread, the bread, the bread. I didn't understand until I actually visited Philly. It doesn't actually taste any better there, but you just don't get that same chewy texture from a Gai's roll. But now I at least know what all of those Right Coast expats are complaining about.

Hoagies: See Cheesesteak, above.

PB&J: When's the last time you had one of these? From about 1983 until Roc started eating solid food, I hadn't even considered having one, but in a fit of desperation during a particularly nasty food tantrum, I slapped one together and stole a few bites for myself. Ahhh, nostalgia.

*Some comedian did a funny bit based on that, basically how American-Mexican food is basically the same 3 ingredients in different combos...I'll have to find it on YouTube.

20 October 2008

WIA Poetry Corner

I'm not into poetry; that fact notwithstanding, I heard this on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac today while munching on a sandwich on my way to a meeting. Something just struck me as being profoundly true.

by Tony Hoagland

Crossing the porch in the hazy dusk
to worship the moon rising
like a yellow filling-station sign
on the black horizon,

you feel the faint grit
of ants beneath your shoes,
but keep on walking
because in this world

you have to decide what
you're willing to kill.
Saving your marriage might mean
dinner for two

by candlelight on steak
raised on pasture
chopped out of rain forest
whose absence might mean

an atmospheric thinness
fifty years from now
above the vulnerable head
of your bald grandson on vacation

as the cells of his scalp
sautéed by solar radiation
break down like suspects
under questioning.

Still you slice
the sirloin into pieces
and feed each other
on silver forks

under the approving gaze
of a waiter
whose purchased attention
and French name

are a kind of candlelight themselves,
while in the background
the fingertips of the pianist
float over the tusks
v of the slaughtered elephant
without a care,
as if the elephant
had granted its permission.

17 October 2008

Friday morning blogging

or: "I love my son, but..."

Rough night. Ardel and I were at our wits end trying to figure out why Mace seemed so uncomfortable and how we can possibly get some sleep tonight. Frustration led to anger then guilt. I finally took the babe for an hourlong drive.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I can get him out of his car seat without waking him up. I can't just leave him in there, can I?

13 October 2008

Good News is, Huskies Didn't Lose this Weekend

...since it was their Bye week. The Seahawks now officially suck. Maybe I should just give up on football this year.

However, I do take some pleasure in learning that this goat-fucker has taken a bath from the financial crisis.

Endorsements 2008

The cheap umbrella stroller:

Times is hard, you can take those $1000 bugaboos and shove 'em up yer arse.

10 October 2008

"Pinoy Backfield" Powers Eastside Catholic

The nut quote:

"I call them the 'Mighty Mites' and for good reason," Marsh said. "There's no lack of effort amongst them. They're not the biggest kids but they're all 6-4 and 230 in their hearts."
Jala2 says no way can our boys play football, they'll be too small. Maybe this will change her mind a little.

25 September 2008

I bought some groceries yesterday, paid with my WaMu debit card

Oops, sorry. They should have said something beforehand.

On a more serious note, I checked the website and seems to be working still. I would like to stay with them, as they have convenient branches and decent services, but...

18 September 2008

15 September 2008

Maceo Blanquera Jala

The box score:
Born 9/11/2008 at 2:29 PM, 7 lbs 12 oz, 19.5" long.

The name Maceo is a derivative of Mateo, or Matthew, meaning "gift of God," but that's not why we chose the name. Mostly, we just liked the sound of it. We pronounce it "May-see-oh," or usually just Mace for short. The alternate pronunciation is "Mah-chay-oh," but we don't use it, though I've started calling him Macho for fun. We'll see if it sticks.

Looking forward to having you all meet him soon.

edited 9/18

The Brothers Jala

I think the introductions went well. Roc viewed the little bundle with more curiosity than anything at first. We started having issues when Maceo was feeding and Roc wanted some attention from J2. I tried to keep him busy, but it didn't always work. It'll take some time, but I think we'll settle down into a nice little groove, it's only been a day.

I know they'll be best friends.

11 September 2008

Liveblogging Huggy

Baby Boy Jala was born around 2:15 this afternoon, in his house, in his room. It is a sunny, warm day. J2 pushed for about an hour, he cried for just a little bit, then started nursing almost immediately. He and Mom are doing just peachy.

Midwives made us some grilled cheese sandwiches, cleaned up, gave BBJ a couple shots. They're gone already, it's just the 3 of us now. Missing Roc, but we need a couple days of peace before introducing him to his bro.

Much to digest, but bottom line is, we're tired, but indescribably happy.

Liveblogging Huggy

not much happening right now, contractions getting stronger and more frequent. she's managing to joke around between them so nothing's imminent probably. midwives think this will go pretty fast though. water hasn't broken yet, but once that does, game on.

Liveblogging Huggy

midwives are watering our houseplants and picking a nice bouquet. just what are we paying them for anyway?